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Italy’s LGBTQ+ workers say careers have been hit by discrimination
By Seven Standen (they/them)

'Bologna Pride 2012'. Credit: Stefano Bolognini via WikimediaCommons 

Over 40% of LGBTQ+ people in Italy believe discrimination has damaged them at work, says survey released by Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) on 15 May 2023.

Respondents said being gay or bisexual had disadvantaged their career, professional recognition or salary.


A high number of LGBTQ+ workers (60%) also avoided speaking about their private lives at work, in case their sexual orientation was revealed.


The poll was carried out in 2022 and surveyed 1,200 people.

LGBTQ+ rights targeted

Tensions have grown in Italy since Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who vowed to combat the “LGBT lobby”, came to power seven months ago.

Meloni claims to defend the “natural family” and has already taken steps to restrict the lives of LGBTQ+ people in Italy .

Two months ago, Meloni directed the Mayor of Milan to stop registering children with same-sex parents .


Although civil unions have been permitted since 2016, same-sex marriage is still illegal and there is no formal protection for gay parents.


Italians cannot adopt the child of their same-sex partner, due to concerns the legalisation of adoption would encourage surrogate pregnancies.


Due to the strength of Catholicism in Italy, surrogacy is prohibited for all couples.

To cut down surrogacy further, the ruling majority has submitted a bill to parliament that states couples who travel abroad to seek surrogate mothers should be criminalised.


This bill is designed to target same-sex couples, who are not allowed to use IVF.


“Meloni says that for a child to grow up well, they need a mother and father, even if decades of research say otherwise.” said Alessia Crocini, the president of Rainbow Families.


Hate crimes that target people for their sexual orientation or gender identity have been on the rise in Italy, even before Meloni came to power.


Many predict the situation will grow even worse for LGBTQ+ Italians.

Published Online: 01/06/2023

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