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Established in 2020 and officially affiliated with Warwick SU in early 2021, Warwick PLAN (Professional LGBTUA+ and Allies Network) is a student-led society at the University of Warwick that is designed to connect LGBTUA+ students with exclusive career opportunities and support. When finding internships and learning about companies, students with minority sexual orientations and gender identities have the added issue of discovering how open and accepting firms are of LGBT+ professionals. By highlighting upcoming events put on by companies that are committed to providing a safe working environment for their LGBT+ staff, we hope to help our society's members in their endeavour to find an accepting workplace.





by Warwick PLAN

Planorama is the official LGBTQIA+ magazine of Warwick PLAN. Check out our latest articles and podcast episodes below:

Heartstopper season 2_edited.jpg

A review of Heartstopper season 2

Amy Adshead (they/she) praises Heartstopper’s portrayal of coming out and the more serious tone the TV phenomenon explores in its most recent season.


But I'm a Cheerleader: an LGBT cult classic

Erin Lewis's short analysis of Cheerleader


Joe Lycett's "Queen's Heath" event

Emily Neville's recent article explores Joe Lycett's "Queen Heath event in Birmingham.


Implications of free speech

 Laura Van-Diesen explores the recent The 303 Creative v. Elenis Case and the implications free speech has on the freedom to discriminate

DeSantis on LGBTQ+ rights:

"Opaque in definition clear in intent" by Dixon Gao-Cheung 

Color purple 1.jpg

The Color purple 

A review by Bradley Barnes on 'The Color Purple'.

Past Articles 

Check out past editions of Planormama here 

Planorama Feb 23 Cover.png

Matty Healy

"Effective protest or misguided" by Grace Lewis  

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